What is the Nepean Redevelopment Stage 1?

The Nepean Redevelopment Stage 1 will deliver Penrith and its surrounding communities with contemporary, integrated clinical and community-based health services.

Who is funding the redevelopment?

The NSW Government has committed $550 million towards the Nepean Redevelopment and an additional $26 million to deliver a multi-storey car park to support the expansion of services.

What services will be included as part of the funding commitment?

The funding will allow us to deliver the first phase of the Nepean Redevelopment.
The redevelopment will include:
A new clinical services block
A new and expanded Emergency Department
At least 12 new operating theatres
18 birthing suites in new accommodation, an increase of ten
A new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
More than 200 overnight beds in new accommodation
A new helipad
New community health services

Why is the car park being built first?

The car park is being prioritised to make space for construction of the clinical tower and to support the expansion of services.

Where is the project at right now?

The redevelopment is currently in the planning phase.
Functional design user groups are complete - these user groups help determine where all the different units will be located within the new clinical tower.
The completion of the functional design process has confirmed the concept design and now schematic design user groups are underway.

Who determined what would be included in the redevelopment?

The scope of the redevelopment was determined by the NBMLHD clinical services plan and extensive consultation key health representatives.

Who determined what clinical services should be included in the redevelopment?

The clinical services listed in the scope were all identified as key priorities by the Local Health District as part of the Clinical Services Plan, and further reinforced during a Value Management Workshop last year.

Who is responsible for delivering the redevelopment?

Health Infrastructure is overseeing the Nepean Redevelopment on behalf of the NSW Government. Health Infrastructure manages the planning, design and delivery of all health infrastructure capital works over $10 million throughout NSW.

There is also a dedicated project team which is composed of representatives from NBMLHD, Nepean Hospital staff, Ministry of Health and the lead design team.

When will construction start?

Construction on the car park started on 26 October 2017 when the demolition of Pialla began.

How do I find out more about the Nepean Redevelopment?

This website is regularly updated with the latest information about the project.
You can also email the project team: HI-nepearedevelopment@health.nsw.gov.au