Bulli Hospital

Why did the NSW Government purchase the Aged Care facility located next to Bulli Hospital? 

The NSW Government purchased a brand new unused aged care centre co-located on the Bulli Hospital campus.
The NSW Government identified that purchasing this facility will improve the District’s network of healthcare services, increasing sub-acute bed capacity and enabling implementation of contemporary models of care.

Acquiring this facility has also given the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District a unique opportunity to relocate some services to a brand new and modern facility built to cater for our ageing population. 

Wasn’t the idea that the Bulli Hospital and Aged Care Centre and IRT’s facility services were meant to complement one another?
No, each facility offered completely different services. IRT’s facility was a residential aged care facility (RACF), while Bulli Hospital provides medical, nursing and allied health support to assist people to return to their own homes or supported living in a RACF.  

What services are offered at Bulli?
Sub-acute inpatient services such as rehabilitation and geriatric care, as well as a range of outpatient and day rehabilitation services are provided at Bulli Hospital. 

Inpatient services including rehabilation and palliative care services that were located at Port Kembla Hospital have been transferred into newely refurbished spaces at Bulli Hospital.

What works were undertaken at the facility next to Bulli Hospital?
efurbishments at the facility located next to Bulli Hospital included bringing the facility up to clinical and hospital grade standards and delivery of a brand new rehabilitation gym. This work was completed in August 2023. Throughout August, the Day Rehabilitation Unit, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Wards relocated from Port Kembla Hospital to Bulli Hospital. Staff are now working in a modern space, while the Palliative Care patients have private rooms, with access to outdoor areas, large windows, large flatscreen TVs and their own bathrooms.

What did this work cost?
The project was funded and managed as part of the more than $700 million New Shellharbour Hospital and Integrated Services project.

What is the Bulli Hospital Urgent Care Centre?
The Bulli Hospital Urgent Care Centre (Bulli UCC) specialises in lower acuity presentations, treating patients who present with minor illness and injury. The Bulli Urgent Care Centre is open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8am – 4:30pm.

What are the staffing arrangements?
The Bulli UCC is staffed by one registered nurse and one doctor per shift. Patients presenting to the UCC are triaged by the registered nurse on duty, who determines the treatment plan or referral to an appropriate service.

Why have there been occasions where patients presenting to the Bulli UCC have been referred elsewhere?
Patients can be redirected to Wollongong Hospital, which is a 10-minute drive from Bulli, or their nearest medical centre, if a doctor is unavailable and this is a safe option for the patient. In the event of an emergency, an ambulance is called, and the patient is transferred to Wollongong Hospital. From time to time, there are shortages in the availability of doctors at Bulli UCC, for example, when staff members are ill or taking annual holiday leave. Hospital management makes every effort to fill all shifts.